Abi is an angel who has brought my business back to life. She’s helped me become more organised and productive - she’s a great teacher. Whenever we meet up or chat on the phone, I always come away feeling inspired with ideas to help take my brand forward. Most importantly, she helps me envision a great future for my business.

Lindsey Kane

It’s easy working with Abi as she's so professional and reassuring.
Abi is great at what she does so I’m always confident with what's going to be created for me. She’s worked on many marketing projects for my events business and every single project has been well executed. Working with her has lifted a huge weight for me - I’m able to focus on the things I’m good at while Abi’s expertise helps the other areas of my business to blossom. 
I’ll continue to work with Abi for as long as possible.

Mama Meet and Market

From the start, Abi has understood exactly what we need from our content. She’s found the right tone of voice for our articles and can create commercially-savvy content that’s well-ranked by search engines. She’s proactive about researching new information and topics so her work is always varied and well-written. Abi is professional, flexible and easy to work with.
Just what you need in a copywriter.


We describe Abi as the backbone of our marketing. She’s grown our Instagram account from scratch and always comes up with great ideas. Because of her work, our social media accounts have grown into a proper community, placing us as leaders in our market. Abi’s passion for our brand means we can always rely on her to deliver projects we can see the value in.

GB Labels

Abi's article 'Marketing: More than just Social Media' written for the February 2020 issue of GoWrite really made me think. Her article is fascinating, as she really digs into why social media shouldn't be the hub for your marketing strategy. I'd thoroughly recommend it if you feel trapped in the social media hamster wheel.

GoWrite Magazine

Collaborating with Abi is fun and exciting. Her work is consistently great quality and always reflects the needs of the business. Abi's work has been valuable to our future, giving our brand the tone of voice it needs to succeed. Abi has been a huge help to us and her creativity has inspired all areas of our business.


We enjoyed a jam-packed, energetic and inspiring time with Abi. During the marketing consultancy session, we learned so much and came away with plenty of ideas on how to engage with media organisations and social media influencers. In fact, since the session, business has picked up. Abi is laid-back and friendly - and her enthusiasm is catching!

The Small Print Company

Abi took my original copy and made it interesting, creative and concise so my potential clients were able to see exactly what it is that I do. I was nervous about my rebrand, but Abi showed me how I could create content that gets great engagement and leads to more enquiries. The series of journal posts she created are incredible and are just what I need to keep my content current.
She captured my vision perfectly. 

Tara Knott Styled Events